MAKInterface Pro - Programming Smartcards (Atmel- and Goldwafer) using CHIP-CAT 2.0

Using the software CHIP-CAT 2.0, the flash and the external EEprom of various smatcards can be written.

PIC/Wafercard, 16F84+24C16

AVR/Yupiter-card, AT90S2323+24C16

AVR/Yupiter-card, AT90S2343+24C16

Funcard, AT908515+24C64

The EEprom 24Cxx ist not connected to the contacts of the smartcard, but with the PIC / Atmel. Due to this reason it can not be accessed directly.

In order to programm the EEPprom, it is necessary first to programm a "Loader" into the PIC / Atmel. Using this "Loader", the EEprom 24Cxx can be programmed. After the performed programming, the "Loader" can be erased and the final application can be programmed..

The EEprom and the PIC / Atmel can be read / written manually or the necessary data for the PIC / Atmel and EEprom can be loaded by the software, and by pressing on the "Write" button the complete programming procedure is performed. Due to the programming phase, a several requests, asking to set the MAKInterface pro in the appropriate mode, are displayed.

1. PICPROG Mode (2) or AVR/SPI Mode (4) for programming the loader
2. Mouse Mode 3.5MHz (1) for programming the EEproms
3. PICPROG Mode (2) or AVR/SPI Mode (4) for das programming the final application

Settings for Mouse Mode 3.5MHz (1)

| ooooo IIIIII:::: + |
| ooooo :::::::::: - |

The cable has to be plugged into the middle connector of the smartcard contacting unit (article Nr. 00505)

Settings for PICPROG Mode (2)

| ooooo :::::::::: + |
| ooooo IIIIIII:I: - |

The cable has to be plugged into the right connector of the smartcard contacting unit (article Nr. 00505)

Settings for AVR/SPI Mode (4)

| ooooo ::I::;:::: + |
| ooooo II:III::I: - |

The cable has to be plugged into the left connector of the smartcard contacting unit (article Nr. 00505)

and the free cable has to be connected with "," as shown on this picture

The loader, required for the choosen CPU (PIC, Atmel), will be selected and programmed automatically by the software.


Selection of the serial port for the MAKInterface Pro

In case, two programmers are used, one serial port can be selected for Mouse Mode 3.5 MHz (1) and one for PICPROG Mode (2) and AVR/SPI Mode (4).

External power supply is not required.

Reading / Writing of the CPU (Flash)

First the smartcard type, which will be programmed, has to be selected:

1. PIC/Wafer-card, 16F84+24C16
2. AVR/Yupiter-card AT90S2323+24C16
3. AVR/Yupiter-card AT90S2343+24C16
4. Fun-card, AT90S8515+24C64

Follow the instructions of the software and set the MAKInterface Pro in PICPROG Mode (2)

or in AVR/SPI Mode (4).

The jumper-settings and the connection of the smartcard contacting unit have to be performed as explained above.

Now the flash can be read and written.

Reading / Writing the EEproms

The EEprom "2 24C16" or "2 24C64" has to be selected.

When on read or write has been pressed, first the loader will be written into the flash - the setting for the appropriate CPU have to be set as explained above.

After the loader has been programmed, the software displays a message, to set the MAKInterface Pro into Mouse Modus 3.5MHz so the EEprom can be read / written. The herefore required settings are describe above.